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Integral, Inc.’s unique approach to structural engineering stems from the passions and principles of its founders. We are structural engineers with an appreciation for and understanding of the art and science of architecture. We believe in utilizing exposed, aesthetically pleasing structural systems wherever feasible to complement the form and function of the design. We are stewards of the environment in which we live and realize the role we play in the sustainability of the construction process. The conservation of resources through the efficient use of materials is not just what our clients deserve; it’s the right thing to do and what the future demands. 

We have been told our greatest asset is our construction documents themselves. Integral, Inc.’s foremost responsibility is towards the integrity of the structure being designed, but an unyielding structure that cannot be built is of little use to anyone. The constructability of the structure and its component parts fall hand-in-hand with the design. A little added attention to detail in the development of the construction documents goes a long way towards minimizing construction costs, delays, and problems down the road.

Our level of experience is broad – from small, residential remodels to whole city block mixed-use developments. Please feel free to contact us for a representative list of projects. Integral, Inc. is currently licensed in twenty states. We welcome the opportunity to earn your business and become an integral part of your next project.